Prepare yourself for a experience you're not soon to forget.

Michael Mc Coy takes you and your guests on an incredible journey into the human mind. Watch in amazement as the imagination in us all is brought out through the power of suggestion. A non-stop high energy show is about to begin. Prepare to Experience the Impossible with Michael Mc Coy's Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show.

Minutes before the show begins. High-energy, upbeat music begins to fill the room. The audience begins to settle into their seats as a wave of excitement and anticipation begins to sweep over everyone in the room.

Michael opens the show revealing the facts and myths of hypnosis to help ease the tension and concerns of all those in the room. After a quick demonstration of the mind is offered, volunteers from the audience are invited up on stage with Michael as he prepares to show them how to unleash the awesome power that is their minds. After that, relaxing and comforting music can be heard as Michael quickly places his volunteers into a hypnotic state. From this point on the volunteers are now the stars of the show. The fun is only about to begin!

Watch in amazement as your friends, family, or co-workers begin to do things you never think they would or COULD. They are transformed into their favorite celebrities, become aliens from another world, completely forget their names, think they have just hit the lottery, or even dance along with the magical Voodoo monkey. That is only the beginning, as our stars of the show perform hilarious side-splitting skits which will leave your guests on the floor laughing. The fun is not just restricted to the stage either - expect our stars to interact fully with your audience as everyone gets to participate in the show.

Its an action-packed, high-energy night where there is never a dull moment. The show is complete with stage props, costumes, sound effects, and high-energy music to create the perfect atmosphere for fun and excitement.

As the show winds down, Michael delivers an upbeat, positive message to the guests and volunteers. He uses his knowledge of the mind and hypnosis to help motivate and inspire everyone. He then proceeds to bring his volunteers out of their hypnotic state, with the suggestion that they will feel refreshed and relaxed. The show closes with the stars taking a bow as the audience gives them a thunderous round of applause.

The show will be talked about for weeks to come. When you choose the Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show of Michael Mc Coy you are Guaranteeing a night that will not be forgotten.

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