1 )Any deposits are non refundable and non transferrable.

2) A booking agreed verbally will also be legally binding.

3) The management company of the Hypnotist can supply a different hypnotist if Michael McCoy is ill.

4) If a booker cancels with less than 2 months notice,the hypnotist  will still require 100% of the fee.

(if more than 2 months notice but less than 3 months a 50% fee will be required)

5) The hypnotist is not responsible if no -one volunteers or if no -one is hypnotised, the booker is paying for the hypnotists time.

6) Booker agrees that they have adequate insurance .

7) Any videoing / photographing  of the show is owned by the hypnotist.

8) Unless agreed in advance the hypnotist will require full payment in cash before the start of the show.

​9)Payment of the deposit is acceptance into the contract with the associated terms and conditions.